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Installing MPCStar

1) First of all navigate to where you saved the setup file, double-click the file to start installation.

2) Select language: Select your language and click “OK” to continue.

3) Setup Wizard: The Setup Wizard will guide you through the rest of the installation. Click “Next”.

4) Information: Please read the important information before proceeding. Click “Next” to continue.

5) Choose Components: To choose the components of MPCStar you would like to install. It is recommended to select all components.

6) Installation Location: Select the destination folder to install MPCStar by clicking “Browse”; then press “Next” after destination selected.

7) Choose Start Menu Folder: To place the shortcut of MPCStar in start menu, and click “Install”.

8) Installing: The installation will take a while. Please wait for it to complete.

9) File Association: Ticking boxes to enable MPCStar playing certain video formats. Click “Next” to proceed.

10) Installation Complete: Installation has completed, click “Next” to continue.

11) Other Setup: Installation of MPCStar is completed, it is recommended to set as the homepage (This is optional). You can support us by ticking the box.

12) Installation Complete: The window below appears when MPCStar has been successfully installed. You can run it now. Click “Finish” to exit Setup Wizard.

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