Installing MPCStar

1) First of all navigate to where you saved the setup file, double-click the file to start installation.

2) Select language: Select your language and click “OK” to continue.

3) Setup Wizard: The Setup Wizard will guide you through the rest of the installation. Click “Next”.

4) Information: Please read the important information before proceeding. Click “Next” to continue

5) Choose Components: To choose the components of MPCStar you would like to install. It is recommended to select all components. An audio player (CometPlayer) is optional to install, users can uncheck it if they don't wish to install it.

6) Installation Location: Select the destination folder to install MPCStar by clicking “Browse”; then press “Next” after destination selected.

7) Choose Start Menu Folder: To place the shortcut of MPCStar in start menu, and click “Install”.

8) Installing: The installation will take a while. Please wait for it to complete.

9) File Association: Ticking boxes to enable MPCStar playing certain video formats. Click “Next” to proceed.

10) Installation Complete: Installation has completed, click “Next” to continue.

11) Installation Complete: The window below appears when MPCStar has been successfully installed. You can run it now. Click “Finish” to exit Setup Wizard.

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