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 **1.** Download and install Poedit: **1.** Download and install Poedit:
   * Original version (   * Original version (
-  * Modified version ([[|download]]) with the following improvements:​ +  * Modified version ([[​|download]]) with the following improvements:​ 
-    * Unix: fixed crash with Zemberek spell-checker backend installed ​ +    * Displays "​Message Context"​ for each message, besides "​Original String"​ and "​Translation"​. 
-    * fixed parsing of catalogs produced with xgettext --indent +    * Sorts messages by "​Message Context"​ by default
-    * fixed TM updating broken in 1.3. +    * Sorts messages by "​Translation"​ if it opens a PO file while pressing Ctrl key. 
-    * support GNOME'​s xml2po ​file references ​ +    * Supports update ​of all PO files in a project using POT file. 
-    * fixed handling ​of "​%" ​in filenames  +
-    * added more translations:​ Vietnamese (Trần Ngọc Quân) and Uzbek (Oybek Djuraev)+
 **2.** Download the language file for a particular language from BBComet.\\ {{:​cp_trans_09.png|}} **2.** Download the language file for a particular language from BBComet.\\ {{:​cp_trans_09.png|}}
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