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 === MPCStar === === MPCStar ===
-== Q1. How can I get subtitles if they'​re not contained in my video files? ​==+== Q1. How to convert a video file format so it can be played on iPhone, PSP and other devices. ​==
-A: You'll need to download subtitles from internet. Click "​Subtitle"​ on the menubar and select "​Search Subtitle Online",​ a website will pop-up and you can download from thereIf you cannot find the subtitle you need, search more by using search engines+1) Go to **File ​-> Format Convert...** and opens the format conversion window.\\ {{:​faq_01.png|}}\\ {{:faq_02.png|}}
 +2) Select the output device tab, then enter the file, select converting type, and set screen size. At last click **Start**.\\ {{:​faq_03a.png|}}
-== Q2. I turned volume to maximum but the sound is still lowwhat shall I do? ==+3) After Conversionyou can find the converted file from the containing folder.\\ {{:​faq_04.png|}}
-A: Firstly please make sure you turned both PC volume ​and player volume ​to maximumIf the problem still occurs, click "​Audio" ​on the menubar and select "​Volume Setting Panel" under the tab Speaker Volume, select ​the proper speaker type first, then move all sliders toward right until the volume is loud enoughIf no big changes happened, click the tab Audio Boosttick "​Normalize" ​and move the slider towards right graduallyPress "​Ok"​ before exit to save settings. ​+== Q2. How to save the snapshots ​and thumbnails of a media file. == 
 +The default folder ​to save snapshots and thumbnails can be set at **Options -> Play -> Default folder to save snapshots** 
 +**Save snapshots** 
 +1) Play a video filepause at the scene where you wish to save the snapshot. Then click on **File -> Save Snapshot** or press F11.\\ {{:​faq_05.png|}} 
 +2) Select a folder to save the snapshot.\\ {{:​faq_06.png|}} 
 +3) Snapshot saved. Now you can either view the picture or close the window.\\ {{:​faq_12.png|}} 
 +**Save thumbnails** 
 +1) Play a video file, click on **File -> Save Thumbnails**.\\ {{:​faq_08.png|}} 
 +2) Select a folder to save thumbnails, edit the title, and set the number of rows and columns, and width for the thumbnailClick on OK to save the settings.\\ {{:​faq_09.png|}} 
 +3) Thumbnails saved. Now you can either view the picture or close the window.\\ {{:​faq_10.png|}} 
 +4) Display of thumbnails.\\ {{:​faq_11.png|}}
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