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 === MPCStar === === MPCStar ===
-== Q1. How can I get subtitles if they'​re not contained in my video files? ​==+== Q1. How to convert a video file format so it can be played on iPhone, PSP and other devices. ​==
-A: You'll need to download subtitles from internet. Click "​Subtitle"​ on the menubar and select "​Search Subtitle Online",​ a website will pop-up and you can download from thereIf you cannot find the subtitle you need, search more by using search engines+1) Go to **File ​-> Format Convert...** and opens the format conversion window.\\ {{:​faq_01.png|}}\\ {{:faq_02.png|}}
 +2) Select the output device tab, then enter the file, select converting type, and set screen size. At last click **Start**.\\ {{:​faq_03a.png|}}
-== Q2. I turned volume to maximum but the sound is still lowwhat shall I do? ==+3) After Conversionyou can find the converted file from the containing folder.\\ {{:​faq_04.png|}}
-A: Firstly please make sure you turned both PC volume and player volume to maximum. If the problem still occurs, click "​Audio"​ on the menubar and select "​Volume Setting Panel" under the tab Speaker Volume, select the proper speaker type first, then move all sliders toward right until the volume is loud enough. If no big changes happened, click the tab Audio Boost, tick "​Normalize"​ and move the slider towards right gradually. Press "​Ok"​ before exit to save settings. ​ 
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